BOTOX® for
Chronic Migraine

BOTOX® prevents headaches and migraine attacks before they even start

Proven for Chronic Migraine for 10 years*

Over 5 million BOTOX® treatments used to treat over 850,000 people with Chronic Migraine*

The #1 prescribed branded Chronic Migraine treatment

What can I expect
with BOTOX®?

You may feel results as early as 4 weeks after receiving BOTOX® treatment; full effectiveness will be measured at week 24

What are people saying about BOTOX®?

In a survey, 92% of current BOTOX® users said they wish they’d talked to their doctor and started BOTOX® sooner*

I had the first injection and I had really kind of overthought everything and made it seem much worse than it was going to be.

Remember, only a doctor can determine if BOTOX® is right for you. Not sure where to start?
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Where’s my nearest Chronic Migraine specialist?

Finding one who’s right for you could be an important step in managing your treatment.

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Please note: Although we update our directory regularly, this list may not have current provider information. This list is compiled by AbbVie and includes physicians known to have experience with BOTOX® in the past 5 years. The results shown may not be inclusive of all physicians who may have experience with BOTOX®or therapies like BOTOX® in your area. Please see the Terms & Conditions for additional details.

Ask your doctor
if they have BOTOX®
samples available*

Can I save?

For questions about the program, please call 1-800-44-BOTOX or visit Allergan® for additional information.

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How can my doctor and I tell if I have Chronic Migraine?


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