Where can I
find resources for Chronic Migraine?

Chronic Migraine occurs more frequently than other types of migraine. These tips and resources may come in handy.

How can I help prevent Chronic Migraine?

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Keep track of what is going on before a headache or migraine comes on. When you recognize triggers or patterns, you can work to avoid them. Our Headache and Migraine Tracker can help. Download it now

Did you know that smoking or using nicotine contributes to headaches and migraine attacks by constricting blood vessels in the head?

Exercise helps you feel good, improves blood flow, and relieves stress. Try going for a short walk today

It’s no secret that stress causes headaches and migraine attacks. Yoga, meditation, and talking with someone are ways to keep your stress levels down and migraine attacks, at bay. P.S.: Getting a good night’s sleep helps, too

Neck and shoulder tension can cause migraine attacks, and sitting at a desk all day can cause that exact tension. Talk to your doctor about stretches and massage therapy to alleviate that tension

Remember, dehydration is a key factor for migraine attacks—so don’t forget to stay hydrated!

Whether it’s your sleep schedule, taking daily meds/vitamins, or exercising, keeping a set routine can help keep your headaches and migraine attacks in check

Keep Chronic Migraine in check

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