How do I find out more about my Chronic Migraine?

You don’t have to take on Chronic Migraine alone. There are communities who can help as well as tools and other resources.

What can I do to help better manage Chronic Migraine?

Remember, you’re not alone fighting Chronic Migraine. Here are some additional sources of support and information.

Do I have Chronic Migraine?

If you're not sure, these tools can help you find out.

Take our Chronic Migraine Quiz.
It’s quick! Just 7 questions.

It could help you find the right treatment to take on Chronic Migraine.
Be sure to share the answers with your doctor when you’re done.

Keep Chronic Migraine in check

Stay connected and sign up for free tools and resources like our Doctor Discussion Guide. Because when you understand your symptoms better and talk to your doctor, you can take charge of the conversation.

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