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BOTOX® is a preventive treatment that is injected by your doctor. If you think you have Chronic Migraine, keep track of your symptoms and find a BOTOX® Specialist.

Track your symptoms
Track your symptoms. Find a BOTOX specialist.

Do I have Chronic Migraine?

If you're not sure, these tools can help you talk to a doctor to find out.

Where’s my nearest Chronic Migraine specialist?

Finding one who’s right for you could be an important step in managing your treatment.

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Please note: Although we update our directory regularly, this list may not have current provider information. This list is compiled by AbbVie and includes physicians known to have experience with BOTOX® in the past 5 years. The results shown may not be inclusive of all physicians who may have experience with BOTOX® or therapies like BOTOX® in your area. Please see the Terms & Conditions for additional details.

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